Our mission is to not only continue to utilize this expertise and experience that we currently possess, but to ensure that, in a continuously evolving universe, we will stay abreast of current technology, while also to precede the cutting edge, that we expand our breadth and depth of knowledge by ensuring the amelioration of our company and our clients.


Each employee – Holds the vision of TAJA, and works towards it each day.

For Each Family – Everyone contributes to the team (the brand, company, family) as a player with an organic leadership and equality amongst all players.

Growth & Independence – Everyone involved with TAJA shares the rewards, gratitude and promotes mutual growth in all aspects of the business.


TAJA aims to further the industry into a greener and sustainable way of living with our brands, products and services which are planet, people and pet safe.

As a family-owned business, TAJA’s philosophy is to nurture the next generation and pass on our knowledge to them in the hopes they may envision a greener, brighter future for all.

TAJA hopes to turn each of our projects into daily joys that will enhance, revolutionize and inspire individuals every day.

Social Responsibility

Responsibility and trust form the foundation for healthy growth where we hold ourselves both personally and corporately accountable for everything we do. That we will manage our human and material resources ethically, with creativity and vision, always mindful of changing needs of our environment and our capacity to serve our customers. Where we create an environment of empowered people. We must earn the confidence that others place in us as individuals and as a company

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