Being a pet parent is one of the best things in life. And by so, we understand because we’re pet parents too. Simbae™ ensure that they are spoiled with products that are safe, effective and as sustainable as possible. Our Premium Pet Grooming ranges are expertly formulated with a gentle, yet effective safe ingredients with signature scents that are also refreshing. Striving to be a socially responsible by using biodegradable packaging. Made with the same care and quality ingredients that we would use to make our own products.

A pet brand whom is proudly a family owned business with Australian origins. Simbae™ is the brand child of TAJA Global, a family owned business established in the year 1974, the company is recognized globally as a manufacturer of sustainable and eco-friendly leading products, creative marketing, brand, and product development. |

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TAJA Group - Kainda


Kainda’s story began when five sisters, with a diverse multi-cultured ancestry came together to share their differences of passions, goals, mindsets & personalities. Kainda set out on a mission to create a lifestyle brand for women of all walks of life. Kainda wants to inspire the world, with their passion using and creating products that are safe, beautiful and embody the most sustainable alternatives available.

Being a family of real diversity, Kainda understand each other’s individual needs and desires that needs to be fulfilled in order to have absolute happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Kainda cultured their products, scents and brand philosophy to capture these unique individual personalities to give every woman what she needs to compliment her own unique lifestyle and desires. |

Camiér Event Stationery

Creatively crafted printable wedding stationery to cherish every one of your special moments! Together, we have had an avid love for creative design from a young age and it has since inspired a passion for graphic designs! It is just a passion of ours to inspire creative moments! |

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Taja Eco Solutions

When it comes to cleanliness, it is important to achieve it in all areas of your business, workplace and especially in the commercial cleaning industry. By using TAJAECO’s safe and effective chemicals for a more economical and eco logical solution. |

Guerilla Creative Marketing

Guerilla Creative Marketing provides an excellent service for all your digital, print and marketing designs across multi-platform. Guerilla cater to large corporations, SME’s and startups, offering a varieties of services for web and app development, seo, graphic designs, and social media marketing. Guerilla strive to offer you the best solution that can give you the most value in accomplishing your goals. |

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